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“Writers create national literature and translators create universal literature.”  José Saramago

Interlignes provides its clients with a high-quality translation service using a team of multilingual experts and a rigorous process.
A qualified translation team:
- professional translators who have a translation degree.
- translators who only translate into their mother tongue
- experienced translators who come with references and are specialised in one or two specific fields
- all translators take a translation test before joining our team of linguists
A rigorous procedure applied for each client:
- for each language, every document is handled by two translators: the first translates it, the second proofreads it (unless otherwise requested by the client). We use this procedure in order to deliver high-quality translations to our clients.
- a dedicated team: as far as possible, it will always be the same pair of translators who handle your texts. Over time, they will become familiar with your style and your terminology.
- use of CAT tools
- glossary building
A wide selection of languages:
We cover all European languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, etc.) as well as rarer languages, such as Russian, Arabic, traditional and simplified Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, etc.
A diverse range of sectors:
- Communication/marketing
- Legal/ Financial
- Technical
- Medical/ Pharmaceutical
- Artistic/Cultural
Our agency can also deliver sworn translations recognised by authorities in Switzerland or abroad.

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