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About us

A family history
Elodie Flachaire established Interlignes in December 2012.
As a Translator-Interpreter by training, but above all passionate about travel and languages, Elodie wanted to create her own agency after managing the Swiss branch of a French translation agency for three years.
"Nothing great has been achieved in the world without passion.” Friedrich Hegel


A few months later, Emilie, her younger sister, joined her in the adventure. Between them, albeit separated by distance, they brilliantly manage the company, which was registered as a limited company in December 2018. 
Elodie lives in Switzerland. She manages the agency.
She is also in charge of subtitling projects and interpreting assignments.
She herself works as an interpreter from English and Spanish into French.
Emilie, whose background is in human resources, manages translation projects from their hometown of Montélimar in France.
She also assists Elodie in managing the administrative aspects of the agency. 
A side note

The agency’s name and logo are anything but coincidental.
‘Interlignes’ can be broken down into ‘inter’ for interpretation and international and ‘lignes’ (or lines in English) which refers to written translations.
The two ‘i’s of Interlignes are two pictogrammes representing Elodie and Emilie, the two sisters who manage the agency.
Our values: 
P for Proximity, E for Excellence, R for Rigour and F for Flexibility = PERF

We strive for excellence while promoting the human aspect of our business. An integral part of our philosophy is building close and trusting relationships with our clients, our translators and our interpreters.
Our strengths
We are enthusiastic and responsive! Where others make promises, we promise you nothing, but do everything in our power to reach for the stars!
When you use our services, we guarantee that our qualified professional translators will deliver high-quality linguistic services into their mother tongue, in strict confidentiality and at a fair price adapted to the market conditions.