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"Interpretation does not need to be true or false; it has to be right.” Jacques Lacan
Interlignes offers interpreting services in Switzerland and abroad, as well as remotely, using its network of carefully selected professional interpreters.
Do you need an interpreter during a business meeting? Are you organising a conference, congress, annual general meeting, or international festival in several languages and need a team of interpreters?
Our agency organises everything for you: we recruit the perfect interpreters for your assignment and provide all the equipment you need (booths, microphones, headsets, etc.) We can also rent bidule sets for you. Our technician will suggest the best possible configuration for your event and may support you in person on the day of the event.
Different interpreting methods:
The interpreter talks at the same time as the speaker. The audience listens to the speech in the foreign language at the same time as it is delivered. Using this method, interpreters work in pairs in a booth and change over every half hour. It would be far too tiring for an interpreter to work alone all day long. Interpreting requires a huge amount of concentration, hence the need to take turns to maintain the optimal interpreting level. This is the most common method during major international conferences.
The speaker delivers their speech while the interpreter listens and potentially takes notes. Once the speaker has finished, the interpreter takes over to interpret what has just been said in another language. This method is notably suitable during award ceremonies at film festivals.
In this method, the interpretation is triangular. The interpreter acts as the interface between two or more people. This is particularly the case in court or when a lawyer or solicitor has a meeting with a client whose language they do not speak. The interpreter is there to enable the two people to communicate with each other.
In this method, the interpreter sits close to the person for whom they are interpreting. They whisper what is said during the meeting in progress in the target language.

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