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4 November 2014 Creation of the Interlignes Facebook page

Interlignes is keeping up with the times by creating the “Interlignes – Agence de traduction et d’interprétation” Facebook page on Read more

15 July 2014 PluSport Day

For the third year running, the Interlignes team was there for the annual Sport Handicap Suisse event, The PluSport Read more

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12 July 2016 Translation of Tourbillon’s new website

The Swatch Group distribution network called on Interlignes’ services to translate its new website into German, English, Italian, Read more

10 May 2016 Translation of Hublot’s press releases into five languages

The watch brand Hublot, part of leading global luxury group LVMH, entrusts Interlignes’ teams of translators with the translation Read more

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Types of interpreting

There are several types of interpreting: simultaneous, consecutive, liaison and whispered (chuchotage).

In simultaneous interpreting, a team of two interpreters works in a booth for each language combination. Generally, the first interpreter will interpret for 30 minutes, then the second one takes over, and so on. The interpreter interprets while the speaker is talking. Ideal for an international conference.

In consecutive interpreting, as the speaker speaks, the interpreter takes notes (unless he or she has a really excellent memory ;) ). The interpreter then relates what the speaker has said once he or she has finished speaking. Perfect during a film festival.

Liaison interpreting is used to facilitate understanding between two people. For example, an interpreter could attend a meeting between an English lawyer, who does not speak Russian, and a Russian client.

Whispered interpreting is only appropriate for a small group of people (two or three maximum). The interpreter is positioned in the centre of the group of people who need the interpretation and interprets the speaker’s words in a whisper as he or she speaks.


By hiring interpreting equipment from us you can be sure that your meeting or conference will be a success. Equipment available includes an interpreting booth, earpieces and microphones, and we can also secure the services of a technician. Simplified equipment, either cabled or wireless, is also available.