For the third year running, the Interlignes team was there for the annual Sport Handicap Suisse event, The PluSport Day, on Sunday 6 July in Macolin.

The programme was wide ranging, with no less than 20 sporting disciplines on offer and lots of fun activities (take a look at the photos below).

Elodie and Emilie, the director of Interlignes and her assistant, were thrilled to have been invited to this unique event, which always offers so much fun and emotions.

They will particularly remember the catapult event in which all the participants got têtes en chocolat—chocolate marshmallow treats—and of course the football match between FC Conseil National and PluSport Team 2000!

Thank you to PluSport for organising such a great day!


The climbing tower to clamber on.


The long jump.


The 12 minute laps of the track event.


The Bungee Trampoline.


The gourmet event where all the participants got to keep their tête en chocolat—chocolate marshmallow treats.